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Martin Luther King Jr. Resources

Martin Luther King Jr. Day -- Online
Here are some online resources on Martin Luther King Jr. 

History of the holiday, Biography, timeline, quotes and more on

DID YOU KNOW:  Has some great “Did
you Know” facts.

powerpoint on the timeline of Dr. King. Some sound effects, good audio on
the”I have a Dream” speech slide, short excerpt. Has some nice images of
his wife, university, and others.

Link to the Video of I have a dream speech. There is a commercial at the
beginning, so let that run and cue it up for your students. Or sign up for
the free membership of teachertube, and you can skip the ad. The video is
11+ minutes long. There is a commentary at the end.

TEXT:  The text for the “I have a Dream”
Speech. Including some discussion questions for students. Some great
photos including his birth home.

JIGSAW PUZZLE:  Can select Easy, Medium or Hard. Great practice of mousing skills for younger students.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

QR Scavanger Hunt

For Red Ribbon Week this week, our Counselors created a QR Code Scavenger Hunt. Using QR Codes is a great way to motivate students. Students can scan from phones, ipads, and even Chromebooks. If they don't have a QR Reading extension a great one to get is "The QR Code Extension".

For more ideas about using QR Codes in the classroom here's an awesome resource:

Learn more about QR Codes on this post:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Interactive Math Manipulatives

Some great online math manipulatives. 

The following has many links, most are chrome apps, ipad apps as well as websites.

Screenshot of a few of them.