About Ms. Hintz

I am Angie Hintz, currently an Instructional Technology Specialist in Round Rock ISD. "Where are you from?" is a loaded question for me.  I have been in Texas since 2006. Prior to that I have lived in Zimbabwe, Latvia, Korea, Idaho, Kansas, Arizona, Washington, Canada, and born in California.

Professionally I have had some fantastic experiences in the world of education. I have taught in Grade 4 and Grade 6 self contained classrooms, Title I reading and math specialist for grades 1 and 2. After obtaining my Masters in Educational Technology I have had Technology Positions in 4 different countries. I was a Middle School Technology Coordinator in Korea, the Director of Technology in Latvia teaching grades 3-12 among my other obligations, Elementary Computer Coordinator in Zimbabwe and Instructional Technology Specialist here in Round Rock, Texas. Each of these opportunities have been full of challenges and growth.

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