Sunday, July 6, 2008

Office 2007 Resources

Microsoft Office 2007 is fresh and new.  At first I wasn't to sure, things weren't where I knew they were in the 2003 version.  Once you become familiar with the applications and the infamous “Ribbon” you will learn to love it as I did.  Microsoft has prepared oodles of support and training materials on Office 2007.  Below you will find links to the more tutorials, support and training that I have found most valuable. After leading a training on Office 2007, resources for Access were requested, you will find links to those below.  

Video Tutorials

The following are Video Tutorials for individual Office Applications.  Each is less than eight minutes long!  This is a fantastic way to start using each application! 

Self-Paced Courses on Office ’07

The following are also provided by Microsoft.  In this section you can select which content area you would like to view the self-paced lesson for. Each lesson includes audio demonstration, some with an option for visual as well.  At the end is a short test and a quick reference card.     

Converting from Office 2003 to Office 2007 

So many times I have wanted to do something quick that I know just how to do in Office 2003 and then can’t find how to do it in Office 2007.  These conversion flash files have been a lifesaver!  Just open them up, do the steps you would have done in Office 2003 and it will tell you what steps to take in Office 2007!   Currently one does not exist for Publisher.