Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Examples of Podcasts by Students and Educators:

Elementary Examples

 New Teacher Hotline

Ideas on Podcasting use in Education

From http://www.terry-freedman.org.uk/artman/publish/article_610.php
This is not meant to be a definitive list!

  • Record lessons for students (and parents!) to access in their own time.

  • Enable students to do a presentation about themselves rather than only sticking to PowerPoint!

  • Create a short introduction to your school, or the course you run, for potential to access, and to let parents know what they can expect their children to be doing -- get student contributions too!

  • Create a class radio station.

  • Enable students to submit work in the form of a podcast.

  • Create audio resources for use by sight-impaired students.

  • Find and use podcasts as part of project research materials.

  • Use foreign language podcasts to improve linguistic skills.

  • Use podcasts to get an insight into another country's culture, or another person's daily lifestyle.

  • Enable students to create dynamic presentations without the complexity of digital video.

  • Subscribe to various podcasts in different subjects in order to provide extra curriculum resources at virtually no cost.

  • Provide students with a different way of carrying out surveys in the local area.

  • Create an audio blog of a school field trip.

  • Create an enhanced podcast entitled "My summer holiday".

  • Subscribe or listen to different podcasts in order to help students develop their critical faculties.

  • Ask students to create a podcast to meet a real need, as part of a coursework project, for example for a local business.  


Podcasting Tutorial: http://www.guidesandtutorials.com/podcasting-tutorial.html
Audacity Tutorial: http://www.guidesandtutorials.com/audacity-tutorial.html
Download Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Free Music for Podcasting: