Shared October 19th, 2016
Tech POP: Online Math Manipulatives. 

The following has many links, most are chrome apps, ipad apps as well as websites.

Screenshot of a few of them.

Shared April 8th, 2015 
Tech POP #1:  Chrome App for Students to Try

Tech POP #2: Chrome App for Students to Try

Tech POP #3: Computer Lab or Classroom Activities

Shared March 4th, 2015 

Tech POP #1:  TwistedWave
  1. Chrome App for Audio Recording.
  2. or the Chrome Store
  3. Can upload an audio file to edit or create a new file.
  4. Download to computer or Google Drive

Tech POP #2: SpeakIT - Chrome Extension
SpeakIt! - a Text to speech tool that reads the selected text on a website.  Can changed speaking rate, pitch and even choice of voice.

Tech POP #3: ATbar- Chrome Extension
ATbar - Accessibility App.  Allows user to change the colors and font size for a webpage.  Use Color overlays, remove distracting elements and more.

Shared Feb. 11th, 2015
 Tech POP #1:  PD in PJs - Finding the webinar AFTER

  1. Go to “For Teacher” Resources
  2. Click RRISD ITS PD Link to go to
  3. Click “About” and select “PD in PJ”
  4. Watch and learn, fill in the form to get 1hr PD Credit

Tech POP #2:  NEW Google DRIVE

Google Drive will force you to update to "The New Drive" by middle of next week (students too).  Don't be scared, it's going to be great. Here's a link to handout I created to explain some of the functions.   New Google Drive folders and Sharing

Tech POP #3:  Turn OFF the LIGHTS- Chrome Extension

  1. Download the extention
  2. When you want to turn off the lights, click the light bulb

BONUS- Christine shared the Britannica ImageQuest.
  • Go to from Library- Research Resources Page
  • Click Britannica ImageQuest

Shared October 2014

Chrome extensions and apps are Small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience within the Google Chrome web browser. These appear at the top right of your browser after installation.
Locate Chrome Web Store in the  Apps (top left of your browser) or Apps box in (bottom left of the shelf on a chromebook) You can click on these links to go directly to the Chrome Store link for these extensions.

Topic: 5 Chrome Extensions you have to try! - Angie Hintz

BONUS Change Google Image extension

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