Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Websites

Columbus Day:
  1. Columbus Day Quiz – 5 questions, how much does your class know?
  2. Columbus Day LOTS of Activities and history - The first “Wanderlust” activity gives good timeline example and map. 
  3. Teachervision – Teacher Resources 
  4. Columbas Day Reading (includes comprehension questions for Grades 3, 4,5- 
  5.   Has a little 5 minute video clip that explains what Columbus did and did not accomplish. More for upper grades.

  1. Bat Conservation for kids 
  2. Bats for Kids  LOTS OF FUN
  3. Kidzone Bats This is a good resource for finding other animals such as turkeys, penguins, sharks, etc. It also has a link to 30 downloadable books from Reading A-Z.
  1. A to Z Kids Stuff Pumpkins   
  2. Carve a Virtual Pumpkin -  - Great for Kinder practicing mouse skills.
  3. Pumpkin Math – Adding
  4. Pumpkin Math –Multiples

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