Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Animal Webcams!

Ocean Life

Take advantage of a chance to do a virtual field trip!  Take your whole class to a tiger's cave, or underwater without leaving your classroom!  Check out these fantastic webcam resources:

National Zoo

n  Live web cams to specific animals at the zoo.

n  Also has links for kids.


n  See live webcams of animals in various habitats.  Choose from Africa came, Sea Otter, Kelp Forest, penguin, Tiger, Ocean cam and much more!

San Diego Zoo

n  Has a kid territory with FAQ and answers.  Some great images, science projects


n  Has some videos and lesson ideas for teachers

Kidport Science  -- Life in the Sea

n  Images and information on various sealife

Wildlife Channel --  
 n  Has fabulous cameras set up in bald eagle nests.  Thanks Ms. Ludden! 

The following is a home video shot from whale watch on the Navatek off Oahu, Hawaii, 02/10/07. Blows, dives and breaches! Mother with calf. 



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  2. Great ideas adn websites!! Thank you Angie!

  3. As an animal lover, I absolutely LOVED these. We got to see the whales on our Alaskan trip last year......Awesome. Thanks so much Angie for encouraging me and having such awesome info!